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Dear colleagues,

I have been working in ANP - Brazil National Agency for Petroleum where we have some licenses of Geosoft Oasis Montaj.

It is my first time using the GX Developer API. Firstly, I need to automate some steps which are:

1. Read a gdb file

2. Delete channel(s)

3. Generate the X and Y channels by Latitude, Longitude and a current Datum

4. Create a Fiducial channel

5. Sort some channels

6. Export the modified data to the xyz format or asc format.

As I will develop the solution using C#, I looked into the gxnet\examples and gxnet\src directories in order to find examples to the implementation. As a result, I have found some samples which I am not certain if they will suit the solution. So, I put them bellow in accordance to the indexes above:

3. Directories CoordSysWizard\NewPCS and Database\SplitLinesOnXY

4. Directory Database \SplitLineAtFid

May you send me examples or just write me which ones I must study in order to achieve the solution? I need to develop the solution urgently.

I look forward to receiving an answer.

Thanks in advance!

Best regards,
Gustavo Xerez


  • DietmarKopp
    Dear Gustavo.
    It seems like all of those tasks seem more suited to be solved by simply scripting your working steps, rather than programming a GX. Just an idea.

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