can we filter a block model with a surface?


i would like to find out how many blocks of a block model is above surfaces such as pit shells and/or topography. how can we do this in leapfrog?

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  • JosephParker
    JosephParker Posts: 10 mod

    Hi @BryanVillahermosa

    You could also try using the Grouped Mesh functionality (accessible via the combined model folder).

    From Leapfrog 2023.1 onwards, you can use an open mesh as the basis for a grouped mesh. This means that you can use your open mesh and evaluate either Above or Below the mesh with a category of your choosing.

    Once you have evaluated the grouped mesh into your Block Model you can then select it as a display and turn off/on different blocks, use the display filter or create a Query Filter.

    Hopefully that helps!