what is the Difference between GSM_cs4 and GM in leapfrog?

Hello Everyone, I am AsmaParlin
Recently I am working with Leapgrog Geothermal.

I want to prepare a TOUFG2 model, 
In leapfrog learning iguideline, they instracted to select "GM" foulder in the model to grid section and from another object section.

instead of "GM" foulder If I select "GSM_cs4", is there any difference or any impact on TOUHG2 model?


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    Hi @AsmaParlin, thank you for asking. I will have one of our experts pop in with an answer. 
  • OliverWard
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    Hi @AsmaParlin, if I understand correctly, you are asking what would happen to the TOUGH2 model if you selected a different GM (Geological Model). By selecting a GM you not only change the lithologies but you might also change the grid. Selecting a different GM will give you a different result. Does this answer your question?