Copy data from one project to another

Dear all, 
Is it possible to copy the imported item in the project tree of a project A, and paste the item into a project B? I have some shapefiles and wells with edit color-code in a project A, and I would like them to be presented the same in a project B. Is it possible?

In addition, is it possible to open 2 projects at the same time?


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  • SeanBuchanan
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    You are correct. Saving the .lfc (Leapfrog Color File) is the way to share those color maps to match in other projects. 

    To your second question. Is is not possible to have two projects open at the same time. 




  • YuTingYu
    Kinda found the answer for the first part of my own question. The color code can be exported as a .lfc file, and then be imported into another project if the file can match the .lfc file.
    For question 2, I still not sure if it is possible