License expiry

Why does Leapfrog have to close all my open tabs without saving when the license expires.
Pisses me off. That should not happen if the session in renewed.


  • RachelMurtagh
    RachelMurtagh Posts: 35 admin
    Hey @MichaelJMunroe,

    LF should always ask to save in-progress work if the licence expires. I can follow up on why we have to shut the tabs but I assume it's because many tabs are associated with extensions that might not be checked out again on the licence renewal? ...but I should confirm that with our engineers. 

    Have you noticed a specific tab not saving information correctly ? I've checked the behaviour for calculations tab on block models and that seems to save work. 

    The only thing I can point out to try and alleviate some of your annoyance is that we do have a countdown in the bottom right corners of the UI that should show in red text to say that there's less than an hour, I believe, left until the licence expires. Again, please let me know if you don't get this warning. 


  • LauraGomez
    LauraGomez Posts: 3
    Hi Rachel, 

    I'm having a similar issue running a geological model, when the license expires Leapfrog closes everything without saving layout, scene view, etc. Even though the number of tasks is reduced, when I renew the license, all the processes will start from 0 again. I tried pausing the processing before the license expires, but once I get a new license everything starts from scratch again. 
    Any suggestions or recommendations to avoid this issue?
  • RachelMurtagh
    RachelMurtagh Posts: 35 admin
    Hi @LauraGomez, I don't currently have any workaround for you on this however I've asked our wider support teams to see if there's anyone else with a suggestion. 

    @MichaelJMunroe I did some digging and it turns out we did make some changes about how we warn people their licence is about to expire; the description I gave in the 3rd paragraph is therefore inaccurate.. I've raised this as an issue to further investigate and improve.