Lidar to Topography

Hi All, 

I have nominal 50cm classified lidar data, but upon import of the tif into leapfrog geo as an elevation grid, the smallest triangle size that leapfrog will allow is 3.84. 

I have the original las data and can confirm that the point density is in fact higher then 50cm. I did not produce the tif myself, so cannot confirm how it was made, but the vendor assures me that it is 50cm data. 

Is there some possible limitation or problem with leapfrog, or should I go about remaking the tif or dem?       


  • ReubenHansman
    I have the same issue when importing an Elevation Grid into the mesh folder. You have to make the clipping boundary smaller (set this by right-click topography -> Set Clipping Boundary).

    The smaller the clipping boundary, the higher resolution you should be able to import your data in.

    What I don't understand is why? I want to be able to import my geotiff at the native resolution as one whole mesh. Instead, I have to cut it up into multiple meshes to do this.