Dynamically link Planned Drillholes to a mesh/output volume

Hi all,

Is there a way to dynamically link planned drill holes to a mesh so that every time the mesh is updated the target depths of the planned drill holes are updated as well?

I have a lot of planned drill holes that target a particular mesh which is regularly updated. It gets quite tedious to re-adjust the planned drill holes every time it is updated.

Alternatively, are they any workarounds to this problem that can help streamline the process.

Any thoughts are highly appreciated.



  • DavidWatkins
    DavidWatkins Posts: 48 mod

    Hi James,

    Thanks for your feedback, I will add it to our feature requests list.


  • Hi James,

    One alternative would be to set an evaluation from your geological model. This would be updated every time the wireframe is. You could them export and check new intervals as you go.
    But for that, you’d need to guarantee that your planned ddh crosses the entire wireframe.

    Dhaniel Carvalho