What is the correct way to use gdb extent_xyz()

Seems to be crashing my jupyter notebook currently.


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  • RichardScott
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    Yes, that worked. Thanks!


  • BeckyBodger
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    Hi @RichardScott we have a GX Developer Forum that would be better suited to answer your question. You are signed up for it automatically when you download the latest version of GX Developer here.

    You may be using a version of GX Developer that pre-dates the forum. Downloading a more recent version will get you access to the GX Developer Forum where you can re-post your question.
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  • Thanks!
  • I registered, but accessing the forums :- Permission Problem
    You don't have permission to do that.
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  • BeckyBodger
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    Hi @RichardScott What happens if you click this link:


    Do you get the same error? I double checked and you should definitely have access to the GX Developer Forum now.
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  • Same error, sorry.
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