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  • PhanVietHung
    I have a question: In the Oasis montaj sofware, once the grid has been created and I use tool Maptools/Contour, the result is contour lines. I want export files to Mapinfo and contours have a field value parameter when clicked on the line in Mapinfo. How to export? Actually when to export to Mapinfo, contour lines is only a photo ? It is not contain parameter when click mouse ?
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  • DarrenAndrews
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    Hello Quy (@PhanVietHung), thank you for your excellent question. The contours that are exported to MapInfo are essentially a drawing item. As such the contours are exported, but not the numeric values the contours were derived from. The most common workaround to this is to export the contours from the Geosoft map as an ArcView ShapeFile (*.shp). When you export in this format the contour attributes are exported and, as far as I recall, MapInfo should be able to import ArcVIew Shapefiles. Hope this helps.


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