VOXI inversion of Density model of bouguer gravity seems not to be reality.

I'm confusing about density Voxel model which inverted from VOXI Inversion. The inverted density voxel model of my bouguer gravity data (removed linear trend already) consisted of 2 layers (basin and basement) doesn't seem to be geological idea. This inverted density model show low density contrast at the deepest depth (instead of the basement layer) however my Parameter reference model constrain the lowest density contrast appeared on the shallowest depth (basin layer) for decreasing non-unique solution. Therefore, I want to know the concept of Voxel processing (lowest and highest value depend on depth, can give me some papers) or I miss understand some VOXI constraint model.

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  • BeckyBodger
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    Hi Niti,
    Have you watched the VOXI Top 5 Inversion Best Practice videos? There's one about impactful constraints you may find useful: https://my.geosoft.com/supportcentre#/video/414
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  • chichuks
    I am finding it difficult to make the pay as you go payment for Voxi inversion subscription. Please how can I make this payment since I have a close deadline.

    Thanks for your swift response!!!
  • TaronishPithawala
    @chichuks - what is the issue you're having exactly? are you presented with options to purchase a PAYG model?

    Just to provide an overview, to use VOXI on Pay As You Go basis, simply:
    1. Create your model using VOXI in Oasis montaj
    2. Then click Run
    3. Geosoft Connect will check to see if you have a valid subscription
    4. When you don't, you're asked to go to the VOXI Store to purchase either a subscription or a PAYG model
    5. You can enter your credit card information directly to proceed with the purchase
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