Where can I get the gx developer 8.4?

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my oasis montaj version is 8.4 , but the gx developer I can download is 9.1...
and the oasis8.4 can't run the 64bit dll ......
so where can I get the old version gx developer8.4?
or how can I update my Oasis ?

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  • Tedye,

    Did you make any progress with version 8.4.1. I've installed 8.5.1 but the reference or example codes require the import of modules that don't appear in the Geosoft site-package. If you've gained experience here I'd be keen for any pointers.

    Jim Scarbrough
  • Hi @tedye, GX Developer 8.4.1 is now available from the Downloads page.


    Could you refresh link for downloading GX Developer 8.4.1 ?

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