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Hi Guys

I am not sure if it is something i am going incorrect but i have a .net GX that loads a large Array Channel into a VA, i then get the FULLVV and work on that.

My issue is that every time i call the hDB.GetChanVA function ie. for each line, the memory usage continues to go up. i have tried creating new VA for each line and then calling the .dispose() and setting it to null at the end, i have also tied reusing the same VA just setting its length each line, both have same results.

I have tried calling the GC.collect() function at various locations in my code but this does not seem to help.

Looking at the documentation is would seem the dispose method should accept and bool in order to release all the use memory, but this does not seem to be the case as the VA.dispose does not accept ant arguments.

the real problem at the end of the day is at some point i use the full 32GB of ram my machine has and then either .net of oasis starts to use the swap file and or temporary files, and this seriously degrades the processing time of my GX.

Is there another way i can try limit the memory usage or at worst just prevent the swap file and temporary files being used?



  • JosephCaluag1
    Hi Richard,

    Have you looked at the sample code for chanadd? This illustrates how we typically use a VA and it's VV and how to carefully dispose them.

    If you have looked at that sample, would you mind sharing a block of your code where you experience the performance hit.

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