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In Montaj, when I start a gx, the External Tool dialog pops up but it is blank. In version 8.x the dialog was displayed properly. It seems to have broken in version 9.1. I upgraded to 9.1.1 but it didn't fix the issue.

I can execute the gx without problem but it's annoying to have this window pop up every time.



  • Hi,

    Could you please describe the contents of this tool back in 8.x? Would the pop up occur for any GX or only custom ones?


  • Hi Joseph,

    the External Tool dialog shows up when you try to start an gx. From memory, it's says something like:

    You are attempting to start a third party gx. There's some warning and three buttons:
    Run once Run always Don't run

    (I always click on the Run always button that's why I don't recall the exact content of the dialog)

    I tried running some gx that are pre-installed but all I got was some message about not having the proper license. So I have no idea if it's for any GX or only the custom ones.

    On version 9.1.1, there is only a blank window, no message, no buttons.

    Hope that helps!



  • Hello Karl,

    The problem you're encountering is likely unique to your installation or license. Let's take this out of the forum. I'll reach out to you directly.

    Talk to you soon.


    Joe McPherson
    Geosoft Support
    Toronto, Canada
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