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Where do we now put the .omn file for a user menu in Oasis Montaj 9? The help file simply says "in the Geosoft user\omn folder", however this does not work. Neither does placing it in "Geosoft\Oasis Montaj\user\omn". I have tried several locations with no success (the user folders never appear in the "Manage Menus" window).


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    Tom, I put my custom menus there and they appear in the User Menus section of the menu manager. If this is not working for you, perhaps raise a support case.

    Place omn files here C:\Program Files\Geosoft\Desktop Applications 9\user\omn:

    In OM 9, open the menu manager. User menus appear in the "User Menus" section:

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  • Hmmm, I definitely have tried that location, and I do not get the User Menus to appear. Good to know that I've tried the right place though, thanks.
  • HasneinJeraj
    Hello Tomas,

    Please see this article for details on menus and a few other topics related to custom GXs in 9.0.

    Let us know if you have any follow up questions.
  • Well it took a while, but I discovered what my problem was: you cannot have "dll" at the end of your filename. For instance, "CustomDLL.omn" will not load, whereas "CustomDLL1.omn" will. Thanks for the link though, it helped to make sure I wasn't placing it in the wrong location.
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