Running Geosoft library functions in parallel using GNU pthreads

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Hi everyone,

I am trying to run a Geosoft library function (NLFilt_VVU) in a dll using threads (GNU pthreads). The dll is called from a stand-alone application.
Basically it is working. However, many times the returned data is messed up and sometimes the calling application crashes. So there must be a problem with the pointers. I suspect the pGeo-pointer is passed wrongly to the thread-function or it is somehow altered there.

In the attached file I show the code for the function call without threads (which is working fine) and with threads (which is not working).

Thank you for any hints what could go wrong here.



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    The short answer is that the GX API functions are not thread-safe. You will need to lock before calling any API functions. Of course, if the performance issue you are addressing is due to NLFilt_VVU, this will not help you much.

    GX Developer 9, which should be released by mid-year, is fully 64-bit though still NOT thread-safe. However, a number of functions that are memory-dependent should see a performance improvement.
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  • Thanks for that information. Now I don't have to dig any longer...

    I was reading in the notes about OleAlreadyInitialized_GEO (which I am calling in the calling apllication): "Create_GEO will initialize OLE to MULTITHREAD mode." But now that seems to mean something else.

    What a pity that multithreading is not possible. In our applications it would mean a dramatic performance boost.

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    We do use threading and other performance improvement techniques inside some particularly performance-sensitive methods. If you have identified particularly slow methods for your applications, let us know which they are and this will give them more weight to be considered for a performance review. Of course, I cannot assure you of a change, but the libraries are being improved all the time and we would like to focus on those parts that have the most impact for users.
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  • Oasis functions are really fast. But of course, processing multiple data sets takes time while the overall cpu load is only 15% or so for a multi core machine.
    I guess that threading inside filter or gridding functions is, in most cases, not possible or would not be as effective as processing several independent data sets in parallel with 100% cpu load.
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