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I have had some interest in this simple GX, which will run a Python script from a running Oasis montaj:

Python.zip v1.1

If you are a Python developer, check out the Python documentation in the GX Developer Part 3: Stand-alone programs (HERE). If you have any questions, please ask them on this forum.

The Geosoft Python API is documented here: http://docs.geosoft.com/gxdev/8.5/python/index.html

API's for other languages are here: https://geosoftgxdev.atlassian.net/wiki/display/GXD85/GX+API+Reference
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    In response to some feedback, the link above points to an updated version (v1.1) that allows users to enter command-line parameters in the GX dialog. It also includes a few Python examples that use the GX API to work with a database and grids. For more advanced applications you can follow the pattern from any of the GX Source code (thousands of GX's). The names of API functions are a little different, but the pattern should be obvious.
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