Oasis montaj 2024.1 available now

MarissaDoherty Posts: 31 admin

We're excited to introduce Oasis Montaj 2024.1, developed with your workflow in mind. 

What's New in Oasis montaj 2024.1? 

  • Efficient Colour Management: Save your favourite colour schemes and apply a scheme across multiple grids or voxels for instant visual comparison. 
  • Interactive Grid Shading: Adjust grid shading with an interactive tool that provides real-time feedback to find the ideal shading angle. 
  • Background Job Management: Manage and monitor background tasks without interrupting your workflow, and easily re-run processes with new data or parameters. 
  • File and Link Improvements: Resolve broken file links in maps and enjoy improved support for accent characters in base maps. 
  • Enhanced Inversion Algorithms: Experience faster inversion processing with UX-Analyze, now supporting UltraTEM sensor data. 
  • Compatibility with HDF v1 Format Data: Work seamlessly with data from all DAGCAP-approved sensors. 

This release reflects our commitment to addressing customer feedback and enhancing the user experience. We're dedicated to providing solutions that meet the evolving needs of the geophysical community. 

Download now 

Your input is crucial for Oasis montaj's evolution. Please share your thoughts and help shape its future. Enjoy the new Oasis montaj 2024.1!