Cross Section Y-Axis Initial Value box missing

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I'm trying to adjust the initial value for the y axis on a cross section I'm working on, but the Initial Value Field is missing. Which is weird because it shows up in some older cross sections I made in the same project, and I don't know what I've done differently from one section to the next.

Here's a pic from an older section in the same project showing the field exists.

Help please! This is driving me crazy!


  • CarlyThorpe1
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    Hi @AhmadMumin

    The initial value option will not be available if the section is not exactly vertical, you will need to adjust the section in the scene view to have a dip of 90 degrees to be able to set a fixed start value. If you are trying to create an inclined cross section, then you can adjust the location and the height and width of the section in the scene to give you the preferred starting value.


    Carly Thorpe

  • AhmadMumin
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    Ah, that's the issue @CarlyThorpe1! Didn't notice the dip wasn't at 90°. I probably had the projection set to perspective instead of ortho when I created the section and it was inclined slightly. Thanks for pointing that out!

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