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First of all: THANKS for this really great visualisation tool!
I am a retired Earth Science Professor (Structural Geology & Geoinformatics), still teaching my subjects occasionally.
Trained in Germany, using a Clar Gefügekompass, I have always used "Dip Direction (Azimuth)" & "Dip" for my measurements, both planes and lines. Is there a way to directly use these values instead of Strike and Dip in Stereonet?

In case of interest I would glad to contribute with my professional experience in many orogens around the planet 😉 Could also assist with translation …..


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  • RachelMurtagh
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    Hi Gerhard, thanks for your post and great question.

    Short answer is no, there's no way to input dip and dip direction as opposed to strike and dip. We kept the measurements as strike and dip for a few reasons but the easiest justification is that when the structural measurements are ported from the Geology Explorer to the stereonet it's a straight forward process with no overhead of recalculating things. I remember the programmers having to do this calculations and additional process when we introduced stereonets into Leapfrog. It's not to say it's difficult to do those sums it just introduces the necessity to do those calculations. Our aim was to deliver an impactful application that is as light as possible on our teams to maintain so we were quite strict with introducing additional flexibility.

    Having said this, we're always open to future possibilities, so I will add you idea to our feedback system!

    Thanks again and I hope you enjoy using the app 😁

    We would love to see any models you might create! (there's a thread for sharing work - I'm just about to post a couple of models to kick things off!!).