What is best tutorial for creating a factual data only cross section

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I need to simply project all available subsurface information onto a nominated cross section illustrating typical drill hole geology, SPT data some CPT outputs in addition to the surface scanned topography. I ONLY want our factual data as captured in OpenGround and DONT want to show interpreted data (ie the modelled volumes and surfaces).

I presume leapfrog can do this? am i correct?

Any help appreciated



  • JosephParker
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    Hi @SvenRand,

    I don't use OpenGround so I apologise that I can't provide any insights on that part. But in Leapfrog however, when you create a cross-section you are indeed able to project drill hole information onto your section, such as below:

    Essentially you tick the boxes of the drill holes you would like projected to your cross section. You can filter the list of drillholes based on a distance to make the ticking a bit easier (in the example above I have filtered the list to show only drill holes within 100m of the section).

    The section layout if fully customisable, you can choose which data gets drawn onto you section, it works on a right-click on subfolder and select object type workflow. If you wanted more information on section layouts in leapfrog the help topic below might help:


    Otherwise, feel free to reach out to your local technical support team using support@seequent.com

    Hopefully that helps!