Vertical exaggeration in Seep/W


Hello everyone,

I am working on a model that is roughly 10km wide but only covers 200m in height. After constructing the mesh, I vertically exaggerated the model by factor 15 before running it, to make adjustments and visualisation easier.

Now the questions came up, if the vertical exaggeration is purely optical in nature or does it have an influence on my element thickness or permeability, meaning, do I have to adjust parameters after vertically exaggerating?



  • IgnacioEscudero
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    Thank you so much for your question

    The vertical exaggeration is only used for visualization purposes (see below). I personally do not recommend distorting the display as it often gives false impressions when visualizing slopes and meshes.  

    If you have any aditional questions, please let us know!

  • TobyZaege
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    Thank you very much for your answer