Why isn't the Intrusion tool creating a point though a single drill hole lithology contact?

I created an intrusion that should pass through the Light Green/Dark Green contact. It has succeeded with every hole except one. I can see the negative (blue) points are pushing the intrusion upwards. I'm thinking this may be a user error; how can I go about figuring out the problem? The Deposit tool did not have the same problem, and I don't see anything out of the ordinary with my lithology in that area. I recreated the Intrusion, and had the same problem. Intrusions on other contacts within the same hole don't seem to have the same problem.

FYI: I am using the intrusion tool to create a stratigraphic sequence that has a significant amount of structural data on the surface. I would like the lithologic contacts to be influenced by the structural data so I created a Structure Measurement > Form Interpolant > Structural Trend. I intend on applying the Structural Trend to my Intrusion. This is why I am using the Intrusion tool over the Deposit tool.



  • First thought is to look in the Compositing tab. There is a blue Exterior point in the middle of the light green lithology interval. This segment length may be Excluded based on the compositing defaults.