What causes a gap in my drillholes when displayed?



  • SeanBuchanan
    SeanBuchanan Posts: 17 mod

    Hi @SadamuKunene,

    I think there are two likely candidates here:

    1. You have a Geologic Unit turned off in your Legend. Within your Shapes List, select "Edit Colors". Make sure every unit it turned on.
    2. You have errors in your Drilling Data. When drilling data is imported into Leapfrog, the program will QAQC your data and call out any inconsistencies. You will see a Red exclamation mark next to your drilling table if Errors were identified. Overlapping intervals are a likely candidate. You can read more about identifying and fixing errors in our help guide here: https://help.seequent.com/Geo/2023.2/en-GB/Content/data/correct-errors.htm?Highlight=Errors