How can i edit blank spaces in a volume of a geological model?

I created a geological model from meshes that i created from a set of xyz points. Because they did not have the same distance between them, there are some blank spaces in the volume that was created like the one on the picture and in the limits of each unit:

How can i fixed that?


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    Hi Valeria, from your picture it looks like you have created this model using distance buffers is that correct? Sorry it's a bit hard to see from your picture!

    If you are using points with category/lithology data, then you might be better converting your X,Y,Z points into guide points then using them as the inputs for an intrusion surface.

    These are the general steps:

    Here is the raw data with three different categories A, B, C

    Use guide points to assign the points above into either Interior, Exterior or Ignored points. As there are three units, you will only need two surfaces to create the three separate domains.

    I have made the assumption that Unit A is the youngest, followed by B, then C. So you will need two sets of guide points, one for A and one for B.

    Unit A, should have B and C as exterior:

    As A is the youngest, when making the B surface, you should ignore A (as it didn't exist when B and C were deposited/emplaced):

    Once you have your guide points setup, you can create a blank geological model, choose none for the Base lithology column. Then double click on the lithology object and create lithologies for A, B and C etc.

    You can create your intrusion surfaces, choosing the guide points and selecting the lithologies

    You can then activate your intrusion surfaces to create your model:

    Hopefully that workflow will create a nice model for you! Here are a few help topics which might help:

    If you need some more assistance with this workflow, please email and one of our tech team can guide you through the process.

    I'm also interested if anyone else on here has tried a similar workflow with guide points if they have anything else to add 🤔

    Kind Regards,