adding prefixes or other text onto cross section layouts



Does anyone have a workflow for adding text "prefixes" to borehole data displaying on a cross section layout? I've been looking into calculation fields, but without much luck.

For context, I want my cross section N values to say "N=" to the left of the data. For instance in the image below I'd like it to say N=11.0 and N=9.0 on the left, then Su=1715 psf on the right. Any ideas?


  • RichardLowries
    RichardLowries Posts: 10 mod


    There are two approaches I can think of, the easiest; export the column to excel and add the prefix in excel then reimport as a category column into Leapfrog, use this column on your section.

    Alternatively make a table with a column of N= at the same depth as your SPT values then import that column as a category column, you could then use the offset setting when you add the points to the section to make it line up.

  • ChristopherAnichiniS


    Thanks very much! those are both viable options. I appreciate it!