Far Field Boundary Conditions in SEEP/W


I am performing a seepage analysis of an embankment dam and have a question about the downstream boundary condition. I am using a potential seepage face boundary condition since tailwater is unknown. Is it appropriate to extend the potential seepage face down the right side of the model as a far field boundary condition or only apply it to the ground surface?

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    In many groundwater flow problems, the exact location of the seepage face is unknown. The potential seepage face review option allows SEEP/W to determine the extents of the seepage face. As you know this type of boundary condition can be specified as shown, using a water rate boundary condition with the flow rate set to 0 and the potential seepage face review toggled on.

    In this case it is appropiate only to the ground surface. If there is a known far field ground water level, that would be applied as a total head on the vertical downstream portion of the domain (but it should be far enough away that it isn’t significantly influencing the results)

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