Importing datamine (.dm) and surpac (dtm) files into leapfrog geo

Hi there,

I was trying to import some files from mining software which are in "dm" and "dtm" formats. I got the error attached below. Does anyone have a similar experience? Any solution would be appreciated.




  • JosephParker
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    Hi BabakKhadivi,

    I've used Datamine in the past and it looks like the file type you are importing is a block model and it appears as though you are importing it into the meshes folder. If that's the case, in order to bring a block model into Leapfrog the file will need to be in either a .csv format or a .mdl format.

    Importing meshes/wireframes from Datamine and Surpac:

    Datamine wireframes generate two files which end with the suffix and One is a point file (X,Y,Z, point number etc.) and the other is a triangulation file (how to connect the points to make a wireframe). You will need both file types to import this into the meshes folder in Leapfrog

    Surpac files are similar in that the .dtm file needs to be accompanied by a .str file.

    When importing either of these file types into Leapfrog both files need to be in the same directory for Leapfrog to use them and create the surface.

    The Leapfrog Help topics might also shed some light on the problem you are having:

    Hopefully that helps, please let me know how you go ☺️

  • Hi JosephParker,

    Many thanks for the thorough explanation. I tried to import surpac files (.dtm and .str) under mesh folder but still stuck with the issue as per the snapshot below. . Not sure if the source files have problem though.


  • JosephParker
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    Hi BabakKhadivi,

    It may be possible that when the file was exported out of Surpac that is was exported as a 'binary' format which is not compatible with Leapfrog. In my experience, the only way around it is to have the file exported again as a non-binary dtm. Hopefully that's an option.

    Alternatively, Surpac should also allow you to export the file as a .dxf file which is compatible with leapfrog.

    Another Alternative is the .OMF file type (open mining format) with Both Surpac (2019 onwards) and Leapfrog are compatible with. The OMF is an open-source file specification format developed by the Global Mining Guidelines group to allow for easier sharing of files between mining software packages.

    Here is a help topic if you wanted more information:

  • Many thanks Joseph for your detailed explanation.