Creating 3D models from a map - no other data

Hi, I am new to Leapfrog Geo. I am wanting to create a 3D model from a cross section and a plane view map. I have georeferenced these images but not sure how to define lithologies from the maps (I have created a legend) and create 3D volumes purely from the maps. Any suggestions on my possible workflow?




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    In general you would need to capture each contact from the cross section and surface map. Possibly even the topography unless you have that in another format.

    I would suggest to use polylines or GIS lines for each contact surface needed then in the Geological model use the lines as the input data. (Example image below here has an orange GIS line draped on the topography and a banded green Polyline along a cross section resulting in the shaded red surface).

    Taking care to be consistent in defining the lithology order.

    The course Building a model from a map covers most of what you are referring to but with different data types, it doesn't explicitly cover the cross section input and it also starts with data already captured.

    The course can be found under the learning heading on this site.

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  • @NiklasSääv Thank you very much! I have created polylines for the different lithologies in my model and then created extruded meshes based on these polylines. When you say order is important for defining lithology, what do you mean?

    The polylines I currently have drawn are forming blocks down to a defined depth in the shape of the polyline as defined on the plane section and do not take into account the polylines defined on the cross section. Is this an issue with the ordering?

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    Extruded meshes is probably not the best option here. Instead a Geological model using the polylines as inputs for an Deposit Surface I guess.

    The order essentially means that in my image above I would create Red->Blue contact surface and below that a Blue -> "Green, since it's not showing in the picture". Creating an order of the chronology.

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