What is Visible Geology?

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Visible Geology is a free web-based application built to explore and discover the earth's processes and revolutionise how geological concepts are taught to students. Built on modern gaming technology and presented with an intuitive user interface, Visible Geology makes teaching and learning about earth-related sciences easy and fun!

Visible Geology helps students grasp fundamental geological concepts in a captivating and fun, digital environment. Move beyond traditional 2D and paper-based methods, and empower students with immersive 3D modeling in the cloud, collaborative classroom features, and digitised stereonets unlike anything you’ve seen before.

For educators: Visible Geology’s simple, intuitive interface makes it effortless to modernise teaching practices and integrate into your curriculum. Plus, it’s fun! You’ll enjoy exploring topographies, intrusions, cross-sections, drill holes, and even stereonets just as much as your students.

Give it a go yourself: beta.visiblegeology.com and let us know what you think by commenting below!