Assigning Attributes to Volumes - Leapfrog works 2021.2


How does the assignment of attributes to volumes work in lepfrog 2021.2?

is it possible to download a leapfrog 2021.2 manual? 



  • RichardLowries
    RichardLowries Posts: 9 mod


    The volume attributes work by right clicking on a Leapfrog model in the project tree you can add attributes as a free text field to any of the volumes.

    These attributes can then be accessed in the scene by clicking on the volume and are also added to any volumes exported to IFC.

    This is the link to help for volume attributes: Modelling (

    We do not have a downloadable manual for Leapfrog but there are free resources on and you can access help at anytime in the software by hitting F1 on the Keyboard.