Import a Colour Table (not gradient) into LF


I am trying import a colour table into Leapfrog. The colour table (not colour gradient) was created in GeoSoft/Oasis Montaj and is linked to 2D DCIP resistivity images.


(1) It looks like LF can only read .lfc (Leapfrog Colour Files).

(2) online help states "When used as a colour map, some tweaking may be needed".

I would like to avoid tweaking. Any thoughts? thanks in advance


  • KathrynGall
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    Hi ArjanBrem,

    Leapfrog can import only Colourmaps (.lfc) files or Colour Gradients (.lut, .tbl, .clr).

    For Colour Gradients, scroll down to the bottom of the project tree and import the colour gradient.

    More information here on Colour Gradients:

    For Colour maps, if you dont have a .lfc, you will need to create this in Leapfrog. In the latest version of Leapfrog, we have introduced Shared Colourmaps. This means you only need to create a colour map once, and you can share it to multiple objects. This makes importing geophysics grids and applying colour maps a lot easier. Once you create the initial colour map, right-click on it to share it. You can also export colour maps to share between multiple projects as well.

    For more information on colour maps, see our help menu.

    I hope this helps.

  • ArjanBrem
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    edited December 2023

    hi Kathryn,

    thanks for your answer. Clear that one can only recreate a colour map in LF, not import one from an external software.

    Would Seequent consider implementing this, as it would facilitate integration between geophysics and geological modeling? Noting that LF is expanding its footprint into the geothermal & petroleum industry.