Rotating Data in map view



I wish to create a map, but the grid is at an oblique angle, which will take up needless space in report. Is there a way to rotate a grid in map view, while keeping all the other map elements at the original position? Basically a diagonally positioned rectangular grid needs to be rotated to horizontal position, without altering the data in database. I have looked through all the options, and apart from rotating the database coordinates (which I do not wish to do), I cannot find a solution.

This has to be done for a lot of grids, so manually rotating them in a text or image editor will not work either.

Thank you!


  • MatissBrants

    Update: when using "UXO Land" extension, under Target Management -> Target Maps there is an option "Create a New Rotated Map". While it does rotate the map, unfortunately, when trying to draw a Basemap (either through Map Tools or Target Management menus), there is an error notifying that this map is empty, although I have added grids and paths. Also, this rotated map for some reason doesn't want to show Proportional size symbols, but shows all the other symbol types.

    Back to square one - having to use GIS programs to rotate a map. Any suggestions are very welcome.

  • FarzanehFarahani1

    Hi Matiss,

    If you would like to rotate the grids just for the means of visualization on the map, there's a workflow to only rotate your grid as a layer on a map: Go to grid Properties>Modify>Grid rotation angle, ccw degree, then type the degree you would like to rotate to and click ok and then exit. This will rotate your grid only, but not the coordinates! you can add this grid to your exiting map and if the location is not right, you can simply make the grid layer movable and scroll it up and down using the arrow keys or a mouse. If you would like to rotate a grid with proper coordinates on your map, the only workflow is to rotate the coordinates in the database and then re grid your data.

    You can always record your workflow as a scrip and run the script to skip manually edits. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us as the Seequent Support Team.


    Farzaneh Farahani,

    Project Geophysicists