Is it possible to create a new block model variable by dividing 2 existing variables?



I have imported an external block model into leapfrog and I would like to create a new variable by dividing 2 existing variables, is this possible? If so, how should I proceed? Thanks for your help!


  • KathrynGall
    KathrynGall Posts: 32 mod

    Hi Alyssa,

    If you have imported a block model, calculations can be conducted on any imported numeric or categorical variables. A calculation will add an additional column. If you use an If statement, this can help you apply a value to blocks that suit one condition or another.

    Prior to the latest release leapfrog 2023.2, calculations required you to have access to the Leapfrog Edge module to perform calculations on block models. In Leapfrog 2023.2 we moved this to be available in the base program so it was easily available for anyone working with Block Models.

    Our help menu has a good overview of created calculations, worth checking out -

    If you have further questions, let us know.