Projecting sulfur values from block model onto pit walls


Is there a quick way to present numeric values from a block model (e.g., sulfur) onto a mesh of the pit shell?

I can only think of the tedious process of importing the block number as points, building a numeric model from the points using discrete categories (s<0.05%, 0.5<S<1% etc), and then intersecting the resulting volumes with the surface mesh.

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  • KathrynGall
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    Of course!!!

    For a block model, it will need to be a regular block model. This functionality is not available currently on sub blocked models. if you can import a regularised version of the model that would be helpful.

    To create a grid surface, right click on the regular block model and select New Grid Surface.

    In the window that appears, select the Variable to use from the list of available evaluations.

    If a category value is selected, the Unit field provides a list of the available category options. Each point or centroid will be determined to be either inside or outside the surface, and the surface will be drawn between adjacent points that are in different categories.

    If a numeric value is selected, the Threshold can be set to a specific value. By default, the grid surface will enclose the region greater than or equal to the specified threshold. To enclose the region less than the threshold, tick the Below (<) threshold box.

    You can also apply a Filter defined for the source object to constrain the output result.

    Give the new grid surface a Name and click OK to create the grid surface.

    You can read full details of this in our Leapfrog help menu:

    I hope this helps.


  • KathrynGall
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    Hi AnatPaz,

    The workflow you describe above is the best option. Import as points and you could build a numeric model, or alternative, use an Nearest Neighbour Estimator on the points and evaluate onto a mesh.

    In the latest version of Leapfrog you can extract a grid surface from a regular block model at a specific cut off value or categorical value. This will help you visualise block values and categories as meshes against your pit shell.

  • AnatPaz

    Thanks Kathryn! do you mind detailing the steps for extracting a grid surface from the block model for a categorical value?

    Once I have the block model values as meshes the rest is easy :)