Process stuck at 0% - How do i undo it?



In Leapfrog Works i wanted to add in a .dwg file, which didn't run. So i tried updating an existing design. No success either, but now the process is stuck at 0% in my project and i cant get rid of it.

Any new task i want to process wont even start because of the one task "still processing".

Is there any way to get rid of that task? I already tried quitting, restarting, reloading... all without any success.

I am seriously considering starting the project all over again....




  • KathrynGall
    KathrynGall Posts: 32 mod

    Hi Antonio,

    Have you tried deleting the .dwg file you were trying to import? I would suggest emailing as they may be able to take a look at the project and dwg file in question to see what the issue may be.