Surfaces rejecting borehole data


I have this organic material layer I'd like to model as an intrusion. Its in black. The boreholes are are oriented at about the same elevation, with 1 in the back and 4 in front here, with decreasing size of the organic layer.

When I model as an intrusion, I get the front leftmost and back boreholes to connect, but the two on the right won't join the party. I've added polylines to explicitly define my interpretation, but the software is plugging donut holes precisely where the black layers are. What in the world am I doing wrong?

open cutouts in the surface are due to intersection with the topography.


  • JeffreyMcKeon

    It appears there are two lithological codes that are assigned black (similar to brown). There is no reason that Leapfrog would include only part of the intervals of an assigned lithology to the intrusion volume. Can you confirm that all of the black intervals in the screenshot are assigned to the lithology you assigned to the intrusion? You can click on the intervals themselves in the scene and see the code assigned to each.