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I would like to know if it is possible for the geological model to be created with a reference other than North/South. I have a 5 km highway in the northeast direction, cutting through the entire model. I would like to make volume calculations for landfill and cutting within Leapfrog, but the model covers regions far from my section of interest, which makes it impossible to generate these volumes. By restricting the model to the surroundings of my highway, with a direction transverse to my model, this would be possible.


  • StephanieVanos2

    This is possible to do, you can draw a polyline outlining the area that you would like to have your model in. Then you can right click on your GM Boundary and choose New Lateral Extent. Then choose the polyline you drew. This will then build your GM just within the boundary. The boundary can be any compass orientation (not just grid aligned)

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