Is it possible to manually draw planes in a scene similar to 3D polylines?


I want to add several planes in my scene to help estimate the locations of faults and boundaries.

The 'Show Plane' button is the kind of thing I want but ideally I would be able to add multiple planes and have them stay in the scene in the same way I can draw and save polylines.

Is there anyway to achieve this in Leapfrog?

Alternatively, could someone suggest a quick way to generate meshes that I could import into the scene?


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  • RichardLowries
    RichardLowries Posts: 10 mod
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    Hi Ben,

    If you use the 'Plane' tool you can create a mesh from the plane by right clicking on the Meshes folder and selecting 'Mesh from Plane'. This option is only present when a plane is in the scene.