Will Python extensions slowly become deprecated?

Some issues that would consider pretty serieus are raised in this forum (example) and on gxpy Github. Some seem to have pretty easy solution (e.g. https://github.com/GeosoftInc/gxpy/issues/128).

There doesn't seem to be any reaction from Geosoft on any of the serieus issues.

Is it still a good idea to create Oasis Extensions or will python extensions slowly become deprecated?



  • Hi Victor,

    I'd like to confirm that there are no plans to deprecate the Python extension. We are consistently releasing updates for GX Developer with every Oasis montaj release.

    I took a brief look at the issues you mentioned, and it seems that some of them might be due to missing Python libraries or outdated versions (e.g., this issue). Others have suggested workarounds available and a few indeed appear to be genuine issues that should be added to our backlog. I will forward the latter category to the development team and prioritize them alongside other Oasis montaj requests.

    Is there a specific issue that you believe is critical and preventing you from using the extension?