Scene not displaying parts of surfaces


I'm working on the Oliver Training Project as part of Leapfrog Geo Fundamentals course. I've successfully created erosion and vein surfaces however the intrusion and deposit surfaces don't display on the scene, they get cut off part of the way through. Slicing isn't the problem. I've tried troubleshooting to the best of my ability. I've attached photos of my scene and the tutorial scene to compare. Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks!


  • StephanieSchweighard

    Hi Ling

    Does your model boundary extend past holes 001-005? You can ensure all the drillholes are included by selecting the Enclose Object dropdown and selecting the OL_geology table. (This setting is found by double-clicking on "Boundary" within your GM).

    I am less certain about your QzP contact surface issue. It looks to me like the QzP is sliced, but the drillholes are not. Could you try toggling your slicer? Sometimes objects (in this case, your drillholes) may be "Unsliced" for slice mode. This setting can be found in the properties panel in the bottom right, if your drillholes are selected.

    Feel free to contact us at if this doesn't help resolve the issue and one of us can organize a screenshare to help you figure it out. 😊