How to select boreholes that are intercepting a mesh

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I have a large dataset of boreholes where I want to select the holes that are within a certain distance from a section of an underground mine. I've created a buffer mesh from my area of interest.

I just need a simple list of those that intercept my buffer mesh. I supposed the GIS equivalent would be "select by location"? This doesn't seem to be an obvious function as far as I can tell! Happy for the thinking outside the box ideas too.



  • JosephParker
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    Hi @AlexEdward,

    It's a feature i've been wanting to see for a while! I'll add your vote to the feature request and hopefully we will see it in a future release of Leapfrog.

    I do have a workflow which you can use though, try this:

    1. Right-click on the Combined Model Folder and select Grouped Mesh
    2. Use the '+' button to add in the output volume (not the isosurface) for your distance buffer
    3. Give it a category name or leave the default then click ok
    4. Right-click a drillhole interval table > new column > evaluated column and select the Grouped Mesh you made from the list
    5. Open the table and sort by your Grouped_Mesh_Output, you can now see which drillhole intercept your buffer.
    6. From there I would make a quick filter and export the interval file to excel, then use the remove duplicates function so I'm only left with unique HoleIDs

    Hope that helps!