How to select boreholes that are intercepting a mesh

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I have a large dataset of boreholes where I want to select the holes that are within a certain distance from a section of an underground mine. I've created a buffer mesh from my area of interest.

I just need a simple list of those that intercept my buffer mesh. I supposed the GIS equivalent would be "select by location"? This doesn't seem to be an obvious function as far as I can tell! Happy for the thinking outside the box ideas too.



  • JosephParker
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    Hi @AlexEdward,

    It's a feature i've been wanting to see for a while! I'll add your vote to the feature request and hopefully we will see it in a future release of Leapfrog.

    I do have a workflow which you can use though, try this:

    1. Right-click on the Combined Model Folder and select Grouped Mesh
    2. Use the '+' button to add in the output volume (not the isosurface) for your distance buffer
    3. Give it a category name or leave the default then click ok
    4. Right-click a drillhole interval table > new column > evaluated column and select the Grouped Mesh you made from the list
    5. Open the table and sort by your Grouped_Mesh_Output, you can now see which drillhole intercept your buffer.
    6. From there I would make a quick filter and export the interval file to excel, then use the remove duplicates function so I'm only left with unique HoleIDs

    Hope that helps!

  • GregWynne1

    @JosephParker thanks for the great info here. Please put me down for a vote for future releases too.

    I followed your steps to do an evaluation of drillholes with SG measurements taken, and ran them against our domains to provide an "average SG" per domain. Rough, but near enough.

    Thanks for your help!

    Cheers, Greg