Veins: Pinch Out Error

For some reason when I create a vein contact for a lithology one of the borehole intervals containing the lithology doesn't recognise it and 'pinches out' that interval. I have manually excluded that pinch, but the HW and FW don't recognise the midpoints, segments, and reference surface. Therefore, the vein doesn't compass the lithology interval within the borehole accurately. I have tried manually adding points and polylines to HW and FW, and a manual point to the reference surface acting as an 'fake midpoint;, yet the HW and FW won't snap to the top and bottom of the interval respectively. How do I resolve this issue? Is there a way to manually add a midpoint which is user defined to the borehole interval?
Thanks in advance.


  • ShaunNeal1
    Have a look at the segments section of the vein model, right click and select edit in scene. Here you can manually select which half of the interval is HW and FW to create or remove the mid point and see if that helps.
  • LeoTaylor
    LeoTaylor Posts: 2 Calcite Rank Badge
    Hi Shaun, thanks for this, do you know how to manually create the midpoint? The online guidance is very clear on this exact task.