from surface to plane

Hi all. im stuck right now. i "accidentally" created or extracted plane data from a mesh i created. i know it's extracted because i did not set the plane, the data automatically got populated with decimals. now im trying to recreate the steps in a different project area and im not able to do it again. anyone here have encountered this before?


  • KathrynGall
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    Hi JohnLuna, 

    There are a few ways to create a plane. The plane icon will automatically display the last plane. You can draw a new plan in the 3D scene. You can also, convert a slicer to a plan. You can additionally, view a plan for an existing trend on a surface. Or you can set the trend (including plane) from one surface onto another. Was one of these the steps you may have taken? 

    You can create a mesh from a moving plane, by first drawing the desired plane and then right clicking on the meshes folder. 

    It's not possible to convert a mesh directly to a plane. You can extract structural data from meshes, and build form interpolants to create structural trends. These can then be applied to intrusion and numeric models.