Section Layout - Strip View - X/Y-Axis - Initial Value doesn't save

If I change the Initial Value on a Strip View axis so that the grid lines plot on an even 100 and save, the value has reverted to its previous value when I re-open the Layout, or export it to .png.

Also, if you enter an Initial Value that plots outside the Strip View, it reverts to the previous value without informing the used.


  • CarlyThorpe1
    CarlyThorpe1 Posts: 4 mod
    Hi @JerryWGrant,

    To get the initial value to save and export on even numbers you'll need to set both the tick spacing and initial value to manual, these were the settings I used:

    The min-max for the strip log is limited to the size of the cross-section so it will automatically adjust to those extents if the initial value plots outside the limits. If you want the cross-section to begin on an even number you can adjust the centre and dimensions of the section in the project tree.