I have been trying to install an Oasis Montaj Desktop Application on Windows 11.

Anytime I run the installer, the interface that pops up just stays blank and never installs.

I have tried troubleshooter and tried running in compatibility mode and also ran it as an administrator but same issue persist.


  • IgorSram1
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    Hello James, Oasis montaj 8.4 is not supported on Windows 11. Suggest upgrading to Oasis montaj Desktop Applications 2022.1 or higher if you want it to work on Windows 11. 
  • JamesBayode
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    Thank you.

    I've been able to solve the challenge though

  • Hey James how did you resolve the problem?? I equally have the same challenge on windows 11

  • Hi Abraham,

    Just change the contrast of your PC display

    Select the Start button, and then select Settings > Accessibility > Contrast themes. To turn on contrast themes, select the theme you want from the Contrast themes drop-down menu, and then select the Apply button.

    Try several options of contrast till you find one that suits you