How to import Datamine strings into Leapfrog including a colour column?

It doesnt look like you can import datamine strings into Leapfrog as Polylines with colour codes attached to a column to distinguish them. We use this regularly at work to visualize Geology Underground lithology and structural contacts and model. Only way i seem to get them in, is by points. Would be nice if there was an attribute category to be able to import them as polylines with colour. 


  • KathrynGall
    KathrynGall Posts: 32 mod
    Hi @BrentonLeandri

    Thanks for your feedback. Unfortunately, at the moment, it is not possible to display polylines with attributes. This is only possible on points or GIS lines. While you can import polylines, the colours from Datamine will not be retained. In Leapfrog, you will need to set these after importing. You should only need to set this one, as the polylines can be reloaded when there is new information in the string file. 

    I understand visualising your underground geology mapping with attributed data is important. I will submit your feedback to the product team. I believe this is something we would like to support in the future within Leapfrog.