Slicer Disappears


I have a scene with a set a meshes and a defined topography… I brought in collar, survey and lithology tables and fixed their errors.   If I just view the meshes the slicer works fine but as soon as I add the drill collars to the scene the slicer stops working. I can’t see any major coordinate problems in the collar table... Has anyone come across this before? 



  • SeanBuchanan
    SeanBuchanan Posts: 15 mod
    Hi @StacieJones

    It's possible that your Slicer Options are turned off for your drill collars. 

    Select the Collar file in your Shapes List, and look at the Properties panel in the bottom right corner. Make sure it doesn't say "Unsliced" like shown in my image. If it does say "Unsliced", change the dropdown menu to "From Scene". Let me know if that works!