Vein -footwall / hangingwall segments

How do you 'ignore' a footwall segment that is auto generated without ignoring the lithology. I have already tried generating vertices for the footwall surface and also deleting the unwanted/aberrant nodes and added modified vertices back to footwall surface with the hope of controlling shape/orientation but it resulted in no impact. The editing function within the footwall segments does not allow any changes only its display (colour, size, etc)


  • KathrynGall
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    Hi Damian, 

    Vein segments are categorised into hangingwall segments, footwall segments or excluded segments. The Vein segment is the selected lithology divided into two at the midpoint. 

    It is possible to ignore segments of the hangingwall and footwall assignments in Leapfrog, but expanding the vein in the project tree, right-clicking on the segments and selecting edit. You could also select the pencil icon in the scene list to activate editing mode. Using the 'select segments with a stroke tool' you can select the footwall interval you want to ignore. The hangingwall can remain as is. 

    If a hangingwall or footwall segment is ignored, than this information does not inform the surface generation. If you want the vein footwall surface to include the footwall material as interior to the vein lithology but as not part of the contact, you may need to add in additional edit points (using the polyline tool) to the footwall surface to guide it where you want to go. 

    I hope this helps. 
  • When I select the unwanted FW and HW segments with the select segments with a stroke tool, What do I do in the vein segments window before I save. I have tried selecting and deselecting and nothing seems to work.