Exporting a model/image as geotiff

I created a block model with groundwater concentration. It contains several elements (labels, contours, etc) that I would add to in Arc map. The image is georeferenced. This means it can be saved as geo tiff. The block model is 3D so when I try to create a plain-view layout, it doesn't work.
Can someone explain how to export my model or image as *.tif?
Below is the image (as png) I want to export as geo tiff. 

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  • KathrynGall
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    Hi Daniel, 

    In Leapfrog 2023.1 due out soon, it will be possible to set an elevation for a Plan View. You will also be able to evaluate models onto the plan view that intersect with the plan view location. This includes Numeric Models, Geological Block Models and Block Models. 

    However, what it sounds like you are looking to achieve is a top down view of what is in your 3D scene exported as a .tiff. This is not something possible in Leapfrog with our Plan Views functionality, but is something with are actively looking into. Keep an eye out for leapfrog development later in the year and early 2024 as this is something that might be available in the future.