Visualization of block model with multiple information setting

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I have a block model that was provided with numeric information of 0 and 1 for a reservoir. I also have a numeric model in my project for the temperature of my site.
I know that I can show the part of "1"  in the block model by editing the colormap with a discrete setting. I also know that I can show the numeric temperature model by evaluating of the block model. 
However, I couldn't find a way that I can show only the part of "1" of the block model, with the heat map that shows the temperature on the selected blocks. It seems that I can only create 2 block models and overlap both models, then adjust color and transparency to reach a better visualization.
Is there a better way that I can do it within a single block model?
Let me know if my question is not clear.



  • zhenzhang
    why dont you put the attribute into one block model? or do you want find some correlationbetween those attributes? 
  • YuTingYu
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    For sure I can have multiple evaluations in a block model, but still, I cannot show the selected part of one evaluation, then show the colormap of the other evaluation. What I am looking for should be similar to the refined model in the Geological Models, or the Combined Models for numeric models. However, since my reservoir block model was given, I want to work with the block model instead of recreating a numeric model from the block model.
  • ValterOliveira
    Hello Yu, 
    There are 2 ways for do that.

    First way: 

    1 - Import one of your block model as a point value (Temperature block model);

    2 - Create an estimator using nearest neighbour option, with a search ellipse which radii size of one block. The boundary for use in this estimator could be a box with a similar volume of a whole block model;

    3 - Evaluate this estimator on you indicator block model (0 and 1). At this point, you will "transfer" your temperature information from one block model to another.

    4 - Create a filter based on your estimated temperature that was tranferred to the other block model.

    Second way:
    1 - Import one of your block model a point value (Temperature block model);

    2 - From this points create a guide points to use them to create a mesh or solid that represents an specific temperature domain;

    3 - This solid could be used as a volume filter in the "Report Block Model;

    4 - After create this filter, you cold use them in the scene view to show only blocks "1" that are inside of some temperature domain.

  • KathrynGall
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    Hi YuTingYu

    This may be something you could achieve in the next release of Leapfrog 2023.1 as we have introduced new rapid filtering on objects such as points and block models. This allows you to display the block model by one attribute while filtering by another. Keep an eye out for the new release due out soon. 

    Alternatively, if you have Leapfrog Edge, you can access query filters on block models which will allow you to query for the reservoir value 1, while then displaying the heat map colours from another field.